about the blog

Hi, I’m Choyoung.
I’m currently studying in Belgium for cultural anthropology and development. Previously, I worked in development agencies in Rwanda and Malawi and before that, I was engaged in part-time teaching in South Korea. I talk about identity, belonging, difference, change, and mostly relations of things. Many times, I use writing as an instrument for unweaving my thought process. So naturally, most of my writings are created with my reflections on my perceptions and experiences which are then merged with my field of interests.

Culture and Development
It is common to measure development with economic values. Yet, Issues like poverty, migration, discrimination require an attention from socio-cultural aspect to understand the daily lives of people. It is, thus, crucial to look at our society with anthropological perspectives.

The name of the blog was inspired by one of Emily Dickinson’s poems, The Soul selects her own Society (303), in which I associated my own space with the Society.

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