Favourite book quotes

Nausea quotes All that is nothing new; I have never resisted these harmless emotions; far from it. You must be just a little bit lonely in order to feel them, just lonely enough to get rid of plausibility at the proper time. But I remained close to people, on the surface of solitude, quite resolved to take refuge in their midst in case of emergency. Up to now I was an amateur at heart.

Fog weighed on the windows like a heavy curtain of grey velvet.
“Suppose he’s dead. . . .”
“Well! . . .” The waiter’s face showed lively indignation.
“Well I never!”
Suppose he were dead. . . . This thought brushed by me. Just the kind of idea you get on foggy days.

Jean-Paul Sartre. (2013) Nausea. New Directions.