Sudden flashback when the revelation was subtle

How we perceive information influences how one views others’ social status. How much does it influence on women’s social status specifically?

A few days after I arrived in Malawi, my temporary boss told us new-comers that we need to meet this Korean lady who can be a great help if we got acquainted. His description of her went something like this in this order.

“Her name is C. She’s married to a German-South African man. She knows a lot of people and she will help you if you have any struggles in dealing with processes including legal matters.”

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Locked out: the nationality and border

Trump administration banned the entry of people with certain nationalities. It’s discriminatory. But what did I do when it happened in front of my own eyes?

This particular time when people with proper visa were reported to be stuck in the airport due to the travel ban, I wanted to write about the story that I find equally silly.

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Online discrimination: Can I get rid of my nationality?

I’ve been having some trouble buying things online because my nationality makes it difficult. It’s the constraint within free.

As much as I love the smell of books and its public representation of my character, most of the time in recent several years I’m bound to look for ebooks as I make living in countries where only small bookstores with selective collection of genres are available. However, I cannot always find the exact book or the right format online, which forces me to download it for free in pdf forms. But even that, it’s not commonly available because the books I look for often are not the bestseller-kind, but academic purposes.

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The patterns: labelling, stereotyping, and ADHD

As human, we yearn for meanings and definitions to understand our lives. Our desire to define them with names sometimes leads us to stereotyping but sometimes to a sense of belonging. My recent experience of ADHD test taught me labelling.

A few weeks ago, I had an odd experience of my feeling. Having a right feeling from an odd experience might sound better fitting. I was visiting Korea for a holiday and first thing I did was go on Youtube and watch almost everything that I couldn’t in internet-deficient rural Malawi. Then I stumbled upon one video showing 2 children asking which one had an ADHD. It was a bit of eye-opener given that ADHD symptoms I know was just about lacking focus and having lots of distractions. The child with ADHD answered questions calmly and very grown-up-like, compared to the other non-ADHD child. After all, the disorder wasn’t just about lacking focus and being hyper-active. I instantly got interested and searched for more about it until I made it to ADHD in adult topic. Upon reading related articles, I had some feelings and got curious if I had ADHD in adult. So I tested myself using the unofficial ADHD test for adults. (Author’s note: The points really don’t matter. This is meant to be a fun and educational video on ADHD. Lots of this can be normal behavior. We’re adding a note to this video soon to help avoid confusion. ‘WARNING: Many of these ‘Symptoms’ are common human behaviors. With ADHD they occur often, and they impair you.)

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Politics of bathroom: that’s not what I meant, lady

I’m okay with not being understood. But I guess I’m not okay with being misunderstood. But do I have energy to correct? Not every time.

There’s always the moment where I think, ‘that’s not what I meant’ but it just costs too much energy to correct it. And we just let the conversation float to somewhere I never would have thought to be, because that’s an awful place.

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Lost language or too much language

What we say and what we mean does not share the same path anymore.

What we say and what we mean does not share the same path anymore. What we understand, let alone does not anchor the word we say. The article ‘Trump, the University of Chicago, and the collapse of public language’ written by Nathan Heller for New Yorker after a period of puzzling impressions over multiple events, led me to a judgment how unbearably light our – public – messages have become. The article explores down to the point how public language has lost its weight of authenticity and visualisation. One group with certain ideals and demands fights against the group on the other side who also has the same ideals and demands. It wasn’t a power game. Neither was it about fulfilling conflict resolution exercise hours required by any course regulations. Lack of communication? Maybe. Two parties stand against each other for the same ideals.

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the wisdom of insecurity

little thoughts on insecurity, traveler, and the weather

Say, it’s winter. It’s been very cold for the last few weeks but today the sun is shining on my head and the wind has stopped. Maybe it’s not going to last long since the winter is usually longer than a few weeks, a few months more maybe. Now people wake up. Take a shower. Then have breakfast. After spending enough time to figure out what the weather is like today, they stand in front of the closet and think what to wear for a few minutes.

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