Locked out: the nationality and border

Trump administration banned the entry of people with certain nationalities. It’s discriminatory. But what did I do when it happened in front of my own eyes?

This particular time when people with proper visa were reported to be stuck in the airport due to the travel ban, I wanted to write about the story that I find equally silly.

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Online discrimination: Can I get rid of my nationality?

I’ve been having some trouble buying things online because my nationality makes it difficult. It’s the constraint within free.

As much as I love the smell of books and its public representation of my character, most of the time in recent several years I’m bound to look for ebooks as I make living in countries where only small bookstores with selective collection of genres are available. However, I cannot always find the exact book or the right format online, which forces me to download it for free in pdf forms. But even that, it’s not commonly available because the books I look for often are not the bestseller-kind, but academic purposes.

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