Crime and Prejudice

Are foreigners more violent than native population? Do foreigners commit more crimes than Koreans do? Or is it just a myth that we want to stick to.

Harshly speaking, the reason foreigner-led crimes in Korea is magnified through media is because they should be exaggerated to let people blame for bad things on others who we carry no responsibility for.

Unlike common conjecture, crime rate of foreigners in Korea isn’t higher than that of the nationals in terms of proportion from foreign population in Korea, and not to mention the total population.
Then why is it so easy to believe that foreigners rape more, especially the “foreign workers” which by de facto means South East Asians and Chinese? I don’t know but I can only guess it might come from them being aliens. When the line is drawn between me/us and them, it makes easy for one to develop bond with those belonging in the same side while not being capable of empathise in them.
However, IF particular population groups have tendency of raping more, that cannot be coming from their skin colour nor nationality. We have to try to find the similarities in socio-economic background, such as economic status or level of education. That’s the role of society and that’s justice.
The purpose of this research is only to provide the correct information regarding foreign crime rates and ratio, so as to prevent it from being falsely used in anti-immigration arguments. 

Total foreign population between age 15 and 59 staying in Korea in 2013 is 1,388,494, and total Korean population 34,970,690 in the same year. The number of criminals is 24,984 and 1,716,318, respectively. Note that illegal immigrants(over-stayers), which numbers to 183,106 in 2013, were not included in foreign population but included in total number of foreign criminals in Korea.

infographic foreigner crime rate in south korea

Korea National Police Agency

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