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How to design a survey for estimating returns to education? Do returns to education depend on how and who you ask? Yes. Turns out short questionnaires do lead to biased estimates of returns to education. Even thought who responds ,self or proxy, did not make significant difference, the level of biased estimates differed between education level.

Experiments on TOMS shoes. It doesn’t affect local shoes market negatively but it doesn’t seem to have much impact on poor children either. Important thing is, TOMS wanted the results to be published.


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Severe food shortage in Malawi

Malawi’s food problem is getting more serious as the harvest season is approaching.

My extravagant life and its relationship to poverty reduction

As a foreigner working in development field in developing countries, I gotta have a dilemma that potentially compromises the success of the projects: am I living here like a foreigner or like a local? For the projects to be effective, I must think like the locals. And so as to do so, I first have … Continue reading “My extravagant life and its relationship to poverty reduction”

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