TGlobal poverty rate is now less than 10%. Some progress afterall.

What has been learned from de-worming replication? Does de-worming significantly affect school attendence? 
Visualisation of Health levels and trends from 1990 to 2013. 

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My extravagant life and its relationship to poverty reduction

As a foreigner working in development field in developing countries, I gotta have a dilemma that potentially compromises the success of the projects: am I living here like a foreigner or like a local? For the projects to be effective, I must think like the locals. And so as to do so, I first have … Continue reading “My extravagant life and its relationship to poverty reduction”

Let’s be clear about ownership in development

No, we can’t just blame on lack of ownership for the failure if it had been -sort of- anticipated during the project building process.

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