insecurity and integration

It seems to make sense that poor integration brings insecurity. Personally, on the contrary, I think insecurity brings poor integration, not vice versa.

The integration dynamic caused by push factors such as discrimination, I think have distinctive outcomes, compared to when it’s driven by natural needs. Mainly because the former one starts by dividing and labelling each “group” but the latter ones are rather categorised by the purposes.

Like a ball of rice. Each grain of rice is mixed together and it moves and mixes freely whenever there is a stimulation from outside. Now think about a ball of cooked rice – whatever stickiness it has. When they are divided into balls as in groups, they don’t mix with each other anymore.

For me, labelling and defining into categories in order to integrate each other is just an oxymoron. Nationality, gender, race, religion, they are all our favourite labels. Biological, geographical, and beliefs may differ but they should not define who we are.


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