02/11/16 17:59

The patterns: labelling, stereotyping, and ADHD

As human, we yearn for meanings and definitions to understand our lives. Our desire to define them with names sometimes leads us to stereotyping but sometimes to a sense of belonging. My recent experience of ADHD test taught me labelling.

15/09/16 18:17

On transgenders and bathroom: that's not what I meant, lady

I’m okay with not being understood. But I guess I’m not okay with being misunderstood. But do I have energy to correct? Not every time. There’s always the moment where I think, ‘that’s not what I meant’ but it just costs too much energy to correct it. And we just let the conversation float to somewhere I never would have thought to be, because that’s an awful place.

22/05/16 10:14

Thoughts on good-hearted: helping

I have a bone to pick with the so called good-hearted people. Being kind and modest became a norm and a virtue in our society, as if it is the default set of proper human being. However, the rosy and lousy expectation that kindness is the superior of all qualities is just wrong.