22/05/16 10:14

Thoughts on good-hearted: helping

I have a bone to pick with the so called good-hearted people. Being kind and modest became a norm and a virtue in our society, as if it is the default set of proper human being. However, the rosy and lousy expectation that kindness is the superior of all qualities is just wrong.

02/07/15 16:43

Crime and Prejudice

Are foreigners more violent than native population? Do foreigners commit more crimes than Koreans do? Or is it just a myth that we want to stick to. Harshly speaking, the reason foreigner-led crimes in Korea is magnified through media is because they should be exaggerated to let people blame for bad things on others who we carry no responsibility for.

20/06/15 12:06

Different language, different personality

Why do I behave differently in different languages? I can be amusing in one language but I can be more submissive in another. It is the experience that mirrors my behaviour when using certain language, or the culture blended in the language for that matter. Experience depending on the choice of language can differ significantly in my case. It conceives different social norms as well as varying range of acceptable boundaries.