Curious case of studying culture

I study culture. I am enthusiastic to know how we all live differently or similarly in different frames of understanding our surroundings we are connected. Although the ‘culture’ was not what I told myself that I liked to know. I just gave it a name ‘culture’ because it sounded most suitable within my language limitation. Now that I officially study culture at university, I keep questioning to myself what is the reason to study people and their way of understanding the world. My own purpose was always clear; I work in development and I can only do my work by understanding how people understand their surroundings. But perhaps often inevitably, I face the conflict between my pleasure and the justification for the pleasure.
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Participation: The reversal of relationship?

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]articipatory approach in development has now become the utmost essential component of project designs which aim for equity and sustainability. Its ambitious commence forwarded by the goal of meeting pro-poor, grassroots, and sustainable form of development has attracted development actors, namely government, multilateral institutions, and international and national NGOs, to adopt the approach to their agenda in accordance with the global trend.
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