Those women were chosen by their looks

While waiting for my kebab and chips to be ready, I was watching the television installed in the kebab restaurant. With the sound turned off, colourful sparkly pop music videos were playing. When I approached to the TV, the first scene I happened to caught was a woman dressed in mesh walking with a giant ass on focus. A mesh, the garment that is extra loosely weaved together. I wondered if this was some kind of urban porn. I thought so because I didn’t know it was a music video as the sound was muted. While thinking that, another woman appeared in the scene on a white horse. Her giant breasts were jumping up and down in a slow motion as the horse trotted. They gather at a nice mansion-like place with fancy pool, where male singers stood in the centre with extra amount of garments and accessaries on and around their body. Around them, women were densely spread in a fan shape and were lightly responding to the rhythm in their swim suits.
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