Why write about the “wrong”?

Why do I always write about something “wrong”? Such stressful thoughts? The topics I choose are by nature “something wrong” that I need to somehow unweave to feel okay. On and off, I’ve been thinking about what my boyfriend said after he read my post. He said he couldn’t finish reading it because I ramble too much about things that are just obviously wrong and annoying. Why care about it, just ignore. Something along this line. Of course I was hurt because he called my rambling ramble! How dare he calls my ramble ramble. I call it ramble just to push down expectations of others on my writing. So that I feel safe from not being criticised as a rambling, because I had already disclaimed that it’s not more than a ramble. Anyway, I understand his point, though. Why do I care about naked women in music clips and every little annoying things happening in the world?
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